Thursday 27 March 2014

Inaugurating RBK International Academy's Annual Art Exhibition Celebrations 2014.

A wonderful day with art and children my two all time favourite passions.
Cutting the ribbon to enter into the children's world of art, imagination and creativity. Seen flanked by the awesome art teacher Ms.Krina Chauhan on the extreme left,  the Principal Mr. Edward Robinson, Management Representative Dr. Arundhati Hoskeri and faculty.
Mr.Robinson comes from the rich background of art, so does the diversely talented Dr.Hoskeri and the teachers too. RBK International Academy truly nurtures a child holistically, in line with the vision of the Director Mrs. Rupal Kanakia. She believes in ensuring that her school equips the child with
knowledge,skill and creativity to help them take the quantum leap when it comes to facing the challenges of the present and the future.
Grade 4 explored Notan Art as you can see here in the installed cube structure, a Japanese design concept involving the play and placement of light and dark as they are placed next to the other in art and imagery.
An array of styles, forms and finesse that show mature creativity far beyond the age of the children. New experimentation's with Wycinanki, the traditional Polish folk art and Kirigami, a form of paper art where you fold and cut paper unlike in origami where you only fold paper to create art, truly made me salute the teachers.
Letting the full house know of the interactive art plans I had for them
Students who were good in art were asked to paint one canvas expressing "I Love My School" in their own unique way. It was a fun exercise aimed to foster team spirit and collective expression. At the start the students were divided based on their own declaration, into artists and non artists.
While confirmed artists painted on the canvas, the self claimed non artists played 'Art charades' a game configured by me (On similar lines of Dumb charades). Words were whispered into the ears of a child who had to draw it on the white board for the students in the audience to guess the whispered word.
A riot of enthused kids took the game by storm. As the so called non artists drew, right guesses came pouring forth and the non artist was declared an ARTIST! By the end of the game there was no divide between the students. It was a happy hall full of artists. Children were heard saying 'I didn't know I was an artist'.
I was happy that a belief was ignited in every child that all have creativity within them.
Walking through and enjoying every exhibit.
Momentoes to remind me of this memorable day.

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