Saturday, 4 May 2019

Make Love visible

One-Art-A-Week-Auction - By Dolna
Lying on the grass,
I stared at the canopy of flaming blooms.
The sun streamed in, lighting it ablaze.
The trees began to dance
the breeze joined in.
It was a magical moment.
That unforgettable sight demanded
a 5ft x 5ft acrylic on canvas from me.
‘Did you experience the magic?
No he said preoccupied with his phone.
I called this canvas…
’The Magic Within’

Artist Mithu Basu believes in making her love visible. Her love for nature, its beauty, its laws, its relevance consume her and find expression through her art. So let the bidding begin

60"x 60" Acrylic on Canvas. Quote your best starting Rs. 76,000 at the close of Sunday the highest bidder gets the work of art. Dolna reserves the final right to sell.

All art comes with certified authentication.
(WhatsApp if you wish not to receive, I will have it actioned immediately)
Mithu Basu
Artist, Curator, Founder

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Is cooking, Art?

Recently I was overwhelmed with the volume of engagement generated by my FB food post.
I am a late starter at the kitchen. My friends would cook and I would ask mom, when will you teach me? "For now observe the colours, flavours, textures, taste and nuances as you eat. Your taste buds will save your story. When the time comes you will cook effortlessly.
Remember, cooking is an art; the language of the heart. Cook with joy, serve fresh and generously as if the bowl never had a bottom. Go the nine yards but never show the flutter and frenzy. Serve, with love, care, in sequence and with patience. Only then will you feel the 'essence' of food.
Food is beyond appeasing hunger, that's just it's physical function. It is the foundation of a home, of relationships, of a community. Above all food gives 'life' a chance to live through us, so always cook wisely and well." She lived every word, my dearest mom.

Sunday, 6 May 2018

Morning Dew By Mithu Basu

'A hard nut,'  said the adult. 'A ball' said the teenager The child cracked it open with curiosity and ate the soft sweet kernel with wonder.
Moral: Unlearning is the new learning.

Thursday, 2 March 2017

From the pages of life...

Heard the colours speak as I was washing the palette."Why was I not on the canvas?"  Is that what we call destiny in the canvas of life too... is a thought that just popped up.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Art makes a house into a home

Love you Art

Just realized, art makes a house into a home. Wanting to change around the current art, I got them all off the walls. Sat back to contemplate on the new art to be hung. The blankness of the walls around me made me feel so 'unwarm'. It hit me then - this is a house and when my art went up, the snugness of a home returned! Love you art.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Riding the waves of life with friends

Ups and downs can be such fun when you ride life with friends. Thanks Hiral, Chandni (in white & blue caps in this pic) and all my friends out there on this #Thanksgiving day.

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Sometimes what you take for granted is waiting for your attention

So I stopped to stand and stare
At this little arrangement on my kitchen counter.
All still, yet as if basking in the joy of being noticed 
I sensed a sway in the tulips, 
a dash of blush on the lotus 
and a tortoise nodding his head in ecstasy. 
The silver silently lent its shine. 
This had to be their selfie moment I thought.