Thursday 13 March 2014

Carving a professional persona for the teachers of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission

For an analogy there is art cinema and there is mainstream cinema, both co exist like fine art and commercial art. Dual paths that share the same domain. While the goal of one is focused on monetary success the other is most often an expression of an internal journey.

Each path that one chooses dictates its own persona. A persona that emanates from mindset more than the physical reality.

The audience for my workshop were disciples and teachers of Shrimad Rajchandra Mission's school 'Magictouch'. Each one of the teachers had chosen the spiritual path and had to discharge duties that demanded firmness and professionalism, more head-led than heart. They were lovingly called Didi instead of Maam. What is a professional persona for a spiritually rich sect of people. My workshop addressed this unique challenge.
My workshop addressed a unique challenge
Personality has its own accomplice, the tangible and external aspects education, environment, attire, accessories, language, the visual packaging of a person that lends credence to the desired perception. There is also the intangible and ingrained aspects like values, nature and attitude developed over the years.

We role played real day to day situations to show how a same situation can be addressed with firmness or leniency. Empathy or pity. Compassionate or emotional. Kindness or indulgence. Detachment or attachment. We kept in mind at all times the dictum's of the Mission and saw how a firm, assertive, disciplined, detached teacher could also be perceived as a compassionate and kind professional person.

The lines of differentiation are thin but if absorbed with understanding and integrity, personality can be crafted, developed and customized as one wishes to. A small percentage of character aspects are ingrained and may take time to change. If we believe in the attributes we wish to personify, it is in our hands to transform into what we want to be.

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