Thursday 30 August 2018

Is cooking, Art?

Recently I was overwhelmed with the volume of engagement generated by my FB food post.
I am a late starter at the kitchen. My friends would cook and I would ask mom, when will you teach me? "For now observe the colours, flavours, textures, taste and nuances as you eat. Your taste buds will save your story. When the time comes you will cook effortlessly.
Remember, cooking is an art; the language of the heart. Cook with joy, serve fresh and generously as if the bowl never had a bottom. Go the nine yards but never show the flutter and frenzy. Serve, with love, care, in sequence and with patience. Only then will you feel the 'essence' of food.
Food is beyond appeasing hunger, that's just it's physical function. It is the foundation of a home, of relationships, of a community. Above all food gives 'life' a chance to live through us, so always cook wisely and well." She lived every word, my dearest mom.