Sunday 21 June 2015

A collective tribute to Daddy Dearest

The coming together of Yoga and Father's day is so symbolic for us. Our father was truly a 'karma yogic'. He lived an astute life. Believed actions to be the only barometer to be measured by. Never took refuge behind destiny or the Gods. He had the knowledge of who he was. Therefore even when life bent him, like the resilient Reed he could withstand, bend and stand again as if untouched.

He lived in truth and got in return the gifts of fearless confidence. simplicity and focused living. His world was us. His legacy is all that money can't buy...and we could write a book just from the 10 tenets we gathered from his life.

He filled all of what we mention to be him, only within one half of his inside. The other he swept clean and reserved it exclusively for our mother to fill. He acknowledged her domains with respect... and the man with a reed of steel was butter-like soft in areas where mom ruled. He knew that only on embracing her was he whole.

After close to seven decades of togetherness, Ma left first. It took him three months to register the finality of her leaving him. When the irrevocable truth dawned, nothing in the world could stop him from breaking down his amazingly fit physical body and agile mind.

His journey of depriving himself of food and detaching his mind from all of us whom he loved took three months. He left this world with a smile of knowing that he was soon to join her and become whole once again.

10 siblings with families saw him go. He was a true yogi to the core.
Daddy today is your day and all of us are remembering you together:)


  1. Very touching...your father's a wonderful human being

  2. Absolutely love this and couldn't agree more. We do have a huge responsibility of taking his legacy forward!