Tuesday 25 February 2014

Remembering Dad

Many years ago in Delhi my father was at my brother DK Bose’s house, at the breakfast table he said -from this distance ‘I feel as if I am watching over the family in Mumbai from the sky’ he turned to mom saying ‘wonder whether, one day without us being there, will they all remain together in the years to come?’ Today it’s twelve long years without his physical presence and I know for sure, with a chest filled with pride he is telling Mom and my eldest brother who have joined him, to enjoy watching the united Basus and its many offshoots. 

Mid way my sis in law Anita’s father who had heard this concern /comment of Dad mentioned at his hospital bed “I will go and tell your father, his fears are groundless and to the contrary the family has only gone stronger” 

Today on this 12th year of remembrance as a tribute to dad let’s all pat each other for keeping the family strong with unity. A special thanks to every youngster of the 2nd and 3rd generation for tightening the bonds. 

I personally believe we all 49 members hit the jackpot at inception when we were chosen to be a part of this family. From all of us a chorus “Thank you Dad, for building this family factory”. 

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