Saturday 4 May 2019

Make Love visible

One-Art-A-Week-Auction - By Dolna
Lying on the grass,
I stared at the canopy of flaming blooms.
The sun streamed in, lighting it ablaze.
The trees began to dance
the breeze joined in.
It was a magical moment.
That unforgettable sight demanded
a 5ft x 5ft acrylic on canvas from me.
‘Did you experience the magic?
No he said preoccupied with his phone.
I called this canvas…
’The Magic Within’

Artist Mithu Basu believes in making her love visible. Her love for nature, its beauty, its laws, its relevance consume her and find expression through her art. So let the bidding begin

60"x 60" Acrylic on Canvas. Quote your best starting Rs. 76,000 at the close of Sunday the highest bidder gets the work of art. Dolna reserves the final right to sell.

All art comes with certified authentication.
(WhatsApp if you wish not to receive, I will have it actioned immediately)
Mithu Basu
Artist, Curator, Founder