Friday 2 January 2015

Morning Dew By Mithu Basu

RENEW is my new year wish for you, me and all of of us this 2015.

With every New Year comes a great opportunity to RENEW and REINVENT our self, professionally and more important, personally. The New Year is not just the 366th day being termed as 1 but a powerful, universally energized time injected with collective hope. Life is short and we only live once, let us make the paradigm shift now.

We have been wanting to make the change. We heard our self say that last year and the year before too but the risk overwhelms and makes us stay put. For any change, risk is inevitable. If we can't handle it, let go of that hope because soon they will surface as regrets that do us no good.

Take the studied plunge now. It's fine if we don't succeed and return to our earlier occupation. The joy of having tried is a fulfilling end in itself.

Personal RENEW is more critical. Introspect deeply to recognize qualities that we should shed and imbibe new ones that we observed and appreciated in others. Every change that we make to RENEW our self must bring us one step closer to being the person we aspire to be.

To guide us to RENEW 'how would you like to be remembered', is a great yardstick to go by.For every adjective that we want attached to our name, be it kind, loving, sensitive, friendly, knowledgeable whatever be it, let us live the word now, to make it personify us someday. Make this new year mark the beginning...

RENEW is my new year wish for you, me and all of of us this 2015.

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