Saturday 1 March 2014

Thought of Art as an antidote when Sadguru spoke on the depletion of human conciousness

Heard a gem while Sadguru was in conversation with Tarun Tahiliani on Headlines Today. Talking on the depletion of human consciousness in today's times he said " The biggest industry on the planet today is arms and armaments the second largest is pharmaceuticals the third is alcohol. One is sure death,  another pretends to get you back another gets you halfway there. Nothing seems to be life oriented. The top business on this planet should have been what addresses human well-being in its core - but that's not happened.  Today the most important thing to be done is to raise human consciousness. " 

I personally believe that art addresses human well-being in its core and can raise human consciousness.  All who have the power to encourage art in any form must do so if we want to see a better world. From the formative years and through the life journey, parents, teachers, our education system, employers must value art and lend it encouragement and patronage. Pablo Picasso says that we are all born with 'art' within us but renowned artist Anish Kapoor said on NDTV that an 'Artist is made' by patronage. 

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  1. Art means creating anything, which reflects the happiness inside you.

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